Success Stories

Hydrotherapy and Arthritis

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Dylan suffers with various medical conditions that affect his mobility including: Osteochondrosis dessicans, where a flap of cartilage has peeled away from the joint in both of his shoulders. Osteo-arthritis in his Left Femoral Head and A Cruciate injury to his right hind.

With regular Hydrotherpy and Manipulation at Brentknoll we aimed to increase the range of movement in his stiffening joints and to increase muscle mass, whilst hopefully limiting arthritis in the joints affected by the Cruciate injury. This reduces swelling and pain allowing Dylan a more normal life. Read More

Hydrotherapy and Weightloss

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When Patch first came to Brentknoll at the beginning of his weight loss journey, he weighed over 21kg, several Kilos heavier than his recommended weight; this was a result of his high fat and high calorie diet. He also enjoyed a Pedigree Dentastick each evening before bed, those extra calories were taking their tole and his owners decided to make a change.

Patch’s owners had been recommended hydrotherapy at Brentknoll and booked him in with Sharon to help him exercise and lose the unwanted Lbs. Read More

Rehabilitation for Arthritis

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Murphy the Labrador suffers from several medical conditions affecting his mobility; Osteoarthritis and Cervical Spondylosis.

 Murphy began treatment at Brentknoll due to lameness in his right shoulder and after X-rays it was confirmed that he had osteoarthritis in both shoulders. 

He was also uncomfortable in his lumbar spine possibly aggravated by putting more weight into his back to take the pain off his shoulder.  The aim was to make Murphy more comfortable in his right shoulder but at the same time help all the compensatory problems that tend to develop. Read More

McTimoney for Post-op Rehabilitation

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During the 2014 summer season Jack, a Turkish beach dog, had been shot and left for dead. He was also beaten with sticks and had stones thrown at him.  As a result of this appalling cruelty Jack suffered major trauma to the right side of his face and jaw. 

In February 2015 Jack began a period of recovery and rehabilitation. Read More